ASU Downtown Neighborhood Survey: Video

Wine Swirl Picture.jpg

The BorderVines team surveyed the ASU Downtown neighborhood about the popularity and awareness of Arizona wine, especially among students and millennials. 

We didn’t have to go far before we ran into Alexa Avila, a Cronkite School senior, who told us about visiting Paige Spring Cellars for her 21st birthday. She said her first flight of all-AZ wine, along with the Southwestern hospitality, made the event a memory for a lifetime. Avila was also interested to learn more about the sourcing and production process, especially in the state.

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ASU junior Jordan Jacques has had experience with sales and completed several winery tours, but admits that at “just twenty-two” he has a lot more to learn about the ancient tradition. Mostly, Jacques is curious about the varying reports of health benefits and growing body of research about the physiological effects of wine.

The team topped off the tour at the Phoenix Public Market, where bartender Liza Simpson served up the famous Dos Cabezas red blend, vented in Cochise Co., in the Southeastern corner of Arizona. A staple at local bars and restaurants, the arid border terroir comes through and compliments almost any dish with its dry, lighter-bodied stone fruit notes and lingering, satiny tannins – the perfect end to an impromptu tour of AZ wines, right on ASU’s doorstep in the heart of Phoenix!